Ecohawk Tech Services Inc. (“Ecohawk”) was incorporated by Eigerhawk, Ltd. (www.eigerhawk.com), a private investment firm.  Ecohawk was formed to create a larger scale integrated specialized services and solutions and applied technology company.

We are interested in investment and merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities, in partnership with strong management teams, with companies that can benefit from increased size, scale and financial backing, including:

  • High value-added professional and technical services companies providing products and services to the private and public sectors, including government contractors
  • Application technology companies providing products and services that enhance productivity, profitability and growth
  • Environmental services and solutions companies providing products and services to the public and private sectors

We believe a consolidation of a select group of such companies will result in a company with better and broader capabilities, client base, and marketing, business and operating synergies. It will also accelerate more significant growth, profitability and enhancement of shareholder and enterprise value than such companies could achieve operating by themselves individually, for reasons that include:

  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Greater critical mass and geographical footprint
  • Broader synergistic capabilities and services offerings
  • Enhanced marketing capabilities
  • Greater growth, operating efficiencies and profitability
  • Better access to capital and financing

Our objective is to build, within three to five years, a high value added integrated specialized services and solutions company with annual revenues of $50-100 million or more and net operating cash flows or EBITDAs in excess of 15%.

Partnering with company owners/managements, we believe the implementation of our strategy could result in ROI (return on investment) with annual compounded capital appreciation and IRR (internal rate of return) in excess of 40% per annum over a three to five year period of time.

We seek to partner with company owners/management teams who share our vision and who are interested in accelerating growth, profitability, and significantly enhancing shareholder and enterprise value.